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Multistop Features

Multistop Features A: Multi-function softkeys simplify operation.

B: High contrast backlit LCD for clarity of display.

C: Multi-paging display allowing simple yet comprehensive
     data presentation.

D: Tactile membrane keypad sealed to IP65.
     Suitable for aggressive environments.

Multistop connections High impact ABS plastic case.

A: Volt-free watchdog output indicating valid controller operation.

B: Pluggable input/output connections
    Up to 24 digital inputs
    Up to 24 digital outputs
    2 x 16 bit analogue outputs

C: RS485 communication for factory use.

D: Conforms to European CE requirements.

Multistop circuit board A: High density, reliable surface mount technology.

B: Highly reliable 32 bit Motorola processor which also incorporates a     RISC processing element which provides for parallel processing.
    The processor is widely used in automotive engine management

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