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MultiStop Electronic Motion Control System

  The MultiStop electronic motion control system from Goodwin Electronics embraces the latest digital technology to offer flexibility, exceptional display clarity and ease of use in a wide range of applications. MultiStop is a uniquely integrated 2 axis controller which requires no additional equipment such as PCs, PLCs or HMIs and which includes a full PID control loop. Designed for panel mounting, MultiStop units are lightweight, sleek, compact and easily installed.

A high contrast backlit LCD display provides excellent clarity and can be simply configured to display relevant data, while a membrane type keyboard features multifunction soft keys for access to a wide range of simple-to-program commands.

• Goodwin Electronics' own simple-toprogram Powertalk
• High contrast LCD display
• User friendly diagnostic messages
• Tactile keyboard incorporates multifunction soft keys
   for access to a wide range of commands
• Up to 24 inputs and 24 outputs
• Robust construction for panel mounted applications
• Conforms to EMC requirements
• Designed and manufactured by Goodwin Electronics
• Remote program selection

Options include:
• 1 or 2 axis control
• Relay or PNP transistor outputs
• AC or DC supply voltage
• Off-line PC program storage
• Remote jogging facility using an external encoder
Multistop motion control panel
Exceptional display
clarity and simple keyboard layout
plugable interface
Simple plugable interface

motion control panel
1 and 2 axes linear or angular move commands using absolute or incremental positioning
motion control panel
Looping, branching and subroutine calls allow for neater, simpler programming
motion control panel
Outputs and programmable limit
switch outputs
motion control panel
Inputs or conditional operators can be used with program variables to direct program flow

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