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Yaskawa’s Latest Products Now Included On The Energy Technology List (ETL)

August 7th, 2011 by Goodwin Electronics

Goodwin Electronics has nearly three decades of experience in the field of motion control. During this time we have amassed a huge amount of user feedback that enables us to satisfy the needs of our clients by providing the perfect solution to their varied projects and applications. If we were to compare the demands of our earliest clients to our most recent there have been clear and definite shifts in certain requirements. Of course some remain as important today as they did over 25 years ago but today climate change and the environment (both globally and in the workplace) appear much higher and carry a greater importance than they once did.

There are many aspects in deciding how “green” products are and how much they have an impact upon the environment. Some are rather obvious while on other products their benefit to the environment may not immediately spring to mind. Energy efficiency sits high on anyone’s list of attributes for motion control products but equally important is their reliability. We all want the things that we purchase to last as long as possible due to the obvious financial aspects of replacement, but now we also have to consider the environmental impact of the carbon footprint. The total carbon footprint of a product not only includes energy efficiency but also the carbon footprint of its manufacture. If a product uses 20% less energy than an alternative product you would assume that the alternative product would have a greater carbon footprint. However, if the alternative product has a lifetime twice as long the opposite would be true!

Goodwin Electronics only uses components which we know to offer the best energy efficiency and which have a proven track record in reliability and longevity. We use Yaskawa products in many of our solutions and we are therefore thrilled to be able to announce that their latest family of AC inverter products (J1000, V1000 & A1000, with power ratings from 0.2KW to 630KW) is now listed on the UK government’s Energy Technology List (ETL). This official recognition that Yaskawa products are “green” technology and are ideally suited to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions comes as excellent news. Yaskawa inverter products are an ideal solution for energy saving in applications, such as fans, pumps and compressors as well as many other applications using standard AC motors.

Furthermore the full capital cost of YASKAWA products on the Energy Technology list can be written off in the first year rather than the usual 7 years (resulting in a substantial saving on the purchase price/initial investment) through the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. In some cases it is possible to recover the total cost within months of installation.

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