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April 23rd, 2016 by Goodwin Electronics

New Sigma 7 servo motors from Yaskawa, Programmable rotary encoders from Baumer Electric, Distributed IO programmable controllers from VIPA and Goodwin Electronics own panel building facility…..


Yaskawa Sigma 7 Servos

Yaskawa Sigma 7 servos provide the exceptional performance you would expect in a successor to the market leading Sigma 5 and Sigma 2. Available now up to 15kW in 200 volt supply and up to 5kW in 400 volt.  read more..


Baumer Programmable Encoders

Baumer’s clever programmable incremental optical encoders can save you time and money. Simply adjustable to give outputs of 4096 pulses per rev to 320,000 ppr on the BHF for example means you can have one encoder on the shelf to satisfy a number of applications. We find it a godsend on our inverter test rig. read more..



Following Yaskawa’s purchase of them a couple of years ago VIPA have continued bringing out impressive solutions. SLIO is everything you want it to be. Modular, very compact, sits on all popular bus systems, and ridiculously cost effective. read more..


Goodwin Electronics Panel Build

As well as bringing you the best in control equipment we also manufacture and provide other services. We manufacture panels and assemblies, from multibay wardrobe style, to things you can hold in the palm of your hand. We also provide a full design service, as well as software design. read more..

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