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The new generation GA700 inverter

September 1st, 2016 by Goodwin Electronics

Yaskawa are introducing the GA700 inverter which removes the need to have special knowledge in inverter applications or drive technology. The intelligent inverter will self diagnose problems and guide the user to implement a solution.

Yaskawa GA700 Inverter

During commissioning the inverter measures the properties of the motor and sets its own control parameters, all the user needs to do is to enter some information from the motor’s nameplate.

Backward compatibility means the GA700 has the same footprint as previous models up to 18.5Kw therefore there is no need to change the electrical panel layout. Models above 18.5kW are 45% smaller.

The GA700 includes exciting new features, bluetooth option including Drivewizard Mobile App for safe, convenient set-up and monitoring with cloud parameter backup.

Other advances include effortless network integration and itegrated functional safety.

The official launch of this superb inverter is October 2016, at which time we will be allowed to provide you with full information. In the meantime please ring 0151 33 44 555 and we can provide further information and answer any queires you might have.

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